6 Cuisines to Choose from When Booking Wedding Caterer in the US

Catering CompanyDuring weddings, food critics flock not only to enjoy the dish but also to analyze the suitability and taste of the food served. The food is also the best token the couple could provide their guests by being supportive of them until their wedding day. It is very important that the dishes served should compliment the aspects of a wedding like the wedding venue, theme and dresses. It may not be too obvious but the type of cuisine used in a wedding is very dependent on the type of wedding it should be served.

There are 6 cuisines to choose from when booking a wedding caterer in the US. Since weddings in the US are not exclusive for Americans, the type of food offered also vary. Some Americans would also prefer different types of food that will satisfy their palates. In grand celebrations people are not looking for the usual, they are looking for something new to communicate their extravagance.

These 6 cuisines to choose from when booking wedding caterers in the US that are commonly tagged as delicious, satisfying and sought for are Japanese Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, French Cuisine, Thai Cuisine andĀ  American Cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine

According to many food critics, Japanese Cuisine is the best around the world. They serve the tastiest dishes that are served with a colorful presentation. They consider cooking and serving food as an artwork so they do not only try to give a good tasting dish but a great looking dish as well. The sushi, ramen and takuyaki are colorful dishes that makes food enticing even in its raw state.

Mediterranean Cuisine

If you are a food lover that would want to make yourself full, Mediterranean cuisine is best for you. This kind of cuisine is best for celebrations by flaunting its huge lamb chops, and roasted meat. It will surely satisfy the palate. If you are going to have your venue at theĀ Bell Tower reception hall you can request for such menu.

Italian Cuisine

This cuisine provides a romantic and playful dish with its amazing flavors. Speaking of a dish made with love, Italian food is what you need. The famous pasta and pizza should never go off the list.

French Cuisine

Want something expensive and elegant on your wedding day? Have some famous French food on your plate. Their dishes usually come in small volumes but they are definitely bursting with flavors that would highlight your wedding day. Match it with the best French wine and you will never regret spending for your elegant buffet.

Thai Cuisine

Here is another Asian cuisine that never fails to satisfy. Especially during weddings, since it is an adult gathering, people would surely enjoy the sizzling and spicy selection of food. They also have a unique presentation which is also fit for a bohemian themed wedding.

American Cuisine

American Cuisine come in great volumes. The American dishes would overwhelm your eyes and fill your hungry stomach. The best steaks and burgers to be served with baked potatoes or a pile of french fries all sound enticing.